Consulting Services

Services LHA Offers

LHA has successfully completed more than 2,000 projects and assignments across Africa. Our reports comprise an extremely valuable resource base.

We have a proud record of performance in growing the business interests and information needs of our clients through independent and analytical research and consulting advice.

We strive to improve with every new project, and always succeed. Our work revolves mainly around the following industry sectors:

•    Mining
•    Metals
•    Manufacturing
•    Forestry and Wood Products
•    Research and Development
•    Government
•    Financial and Insurance
•    Construction
•    Building Materials
•    Energy and Water
•    Trade
 Energy and Water
 Forestry and Wood Products

Our Core Disciplines

LHA's multi-disciplinary expertise, which is tailored to specific client and project needs, is our major strength. We specialise in research and consulting in the following disciplines:

Competitor analyses
•    Techno-economics
•    Business and industrialization
•    Industry sector studies and
•    Market research
•    Feasibility studies
•    Programme & technology
•    Customer satisfaction surveys
•    Competitor analyses
•    Acquisition due diligences
•    Programme and project
•    Business benchmarking against
      local and international best
•    Business continuity plans

Business strategies and restructuring

Business Continuity

Acquisition due diligences

Our Associates

LHA has a network of experienced associates with complementary skills and experience. We have a proven ability to establish specialist project teams to suit the needs and requirements of every project.

For projects outside South Africa, we routinely involve in-country experts to assist in primary research activities.